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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tyrus Wong at 100!

Out yesterday at the Santa Monica Beach to spend time with California - and national - treasure, Tyrus Wong who is celebrating his 100th Birthday as he does best(!): out monthly flying his handmade kites with the large attendance of Kim Wong and many family and friends!

Happy Birthday Tyrus! Here are some pics:

More on Tyrus on my 1 January 2010 post.

Catching Up

Almost six months since the last post. A busy time with much to do including organizing and co-curating an exhibition of photograhers at the request of LACMA's curators: SUMMER MIX, an exhibition of work from the Annenberg Department's Photographic Arts Council.

Then, a composition of my photographs of the 747 Wing House has been on exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art in their Design Biennial, accompanied by the model of the house designed by architect, David Hertz.

A busy Fall, continuing work on the Chinatowns Project in preparation for my show next year at the Craig Krull Gallery, in Santa Monica, CA

And best, out on the Beach this weekend to celebrate with Tyrus Wong, his 100th Birthday! The kites are still gorgeous and Tyrus is going so strong! See next post!