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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A wonderful holiday season

The holidays are upon us, bringing joy, reflection and hope to us all. For even as we scramble to complete our personal projects, make our lists for the next year, we have those moments to pause, surround ourselves with the lights and music of the season and comfort ourselves not only with good food and drink, but with our communities of friends and family.

My wishes for everyone are for as productive a year as I have had. Hard working but filled with delights and the satisfaction that, most importantly, those around us are well. And that the New Year will bring us peace, THE goal in this difficult time and one which, if we all participate for greater understanding of each other, is there to be attained.

Sara Jane Boyers

BTW, this image was captured under the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles Harbor. Taken while participating in an urban "Painting with Light" shoot, created and guided by my friends, Mark Indig & Ken Haber, as part of their Urban Photo Adventures operation.