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Friday, August 19, 2011

747 Wing House

The summer has been spent so involved with preparation for the FINDING CHINATOWN exhibition, still up at Craig Krull Gallery, and meeting several other project deadlines that continuing the photography at the 747 WING HOUSE has been put aside as the owner slowly decorates, the landscape continues to change and grow. However, I was fortunate to spend an overnight there, the first of several I hope for the opportunity to watch the light within and without the house as the interaction of the windows' transparency, the glimmer from the wings and the added interior color will instantly highlight an image only a moment past still unseen, and then it will change.

It was also an opportunity to catch those first and last moments of the day reflected in this most striking subject.

It is a new type of photography for me and some experiments worked. Some did not. I'll be reviewing what I've shot for a while but here are the first two. At a black mountain midnight, out in the landscape with a waning but bright moon casting ambient light that the camera picks up even if I do not, the coyote packs howling and moving through the canyons, it was magic.

Above: in the first light of day.
Below: the last.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


And with almost one 1/2 page in the print edition!


and a "Critics' Pick" later in the month!


Capturing the message....and the sound, from the New York Times today, Thursday 11 August..

The Art of Summer /The Contrapuntal Sounds of Gridlock

I know those sounds too well from my multi-year photographic study on Gridlock