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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Old Into New: My return to Books. My continuance in Photography

As many know,  in the first years of the millennium while promoting and writing what was probably one of the first "blogs" - then a periodic email - relating to my 2000 book, TEEN POWER POLITICS: MAKE YOURSELF HEARD, I started to shift my creative career toward my passion since youth: photography. 

I loved the three books that I had created, wrote and edited for the youth market, several of which crossed-over to adult reader, but it seemed time to also pursue what had always been so central to my life in helping me capture experience and story: photography.  I had no intention of leaving writing, as the sheer delight of being able to bring joy, beauty and critical thinking all in one package to youth and their families has always been a goal.  Rather I took a sabbatical to explore what else I was capable of doing.

I have still been writing whether for the small portfolio books/catalogues that I created for my photographic work these many years (viewable online at issuu) or, since the sensibility of a writer is always present in terms of creating a project, in editing and presenting a portfolio.  Much that I explored photographically has also given rise to book ideas and I have been making dummies, many of them using my photographic imagery as the story, or a part of it.

Now, it is 15+ years down the road and I have an active fine art photographic career with exhibits in galleries, museums and most recently a small participation in the U.S. Pavilion at the prestigious Venice Biennale/Architecture!  It is time to combine both of my loves - words and visuals - and several book projects will be soon out to publishers.  I even have a new children's literary agent  for my new book projects, one I have always admired and with whom I really look forward to working!

Erzsi Deàk
Hen&ink, A Literary Studio
+336 8993 7475

It is a bit back to square one although I am very proud to say that my first book, LIFE DOESN'T FRIGHTEN ME, pairing the words of Maya Angelou with the evocative artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and published in l993 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (now Abrams) is now almost 25 years in print!  It had been more than gratifying to have heard so many tell me how inspirational LIFE has been for them, child and adult, and I certainly hope to create more books that could also attain those goals.

At present, I am reconfiguring SaraJaneBoyersAloud as my temporary literary website to showcase the work before and chat/announce news about this renewed direction.  I look forward to many of you joining me on this journey. When my new website - sarajaneboyersbooks.com - comes online, I'll certainly make a splash announcement!

Those of you new here are welcome to look back on SaraJaneBoyersAloud to see how, during these years in photography, I have yet written about subjects that concern us all and it may be, as the years continue here, that I will do so again, not only about my own books and images, but about life and matters as well.  For now: the books!

Sara Jane Boyers July 2016

In the past, looking forward to the future:

Chronicle Books l994

Millbrook Press 2000

And BTW: since it is an election year in the US, do wander over to the TEEN POWER POLITICS website at www.teenpowerpolitics.com
 The site and issues are really outdated (2000!) BUT the concerns of this respected non-partisan book for youth on civic and political activism and the information imparted are still relevant today in terms of critical thinking for elections and the book remains on various political websites.